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Do You Even Botox Bro?

Jeuveau: The New kind of BotoxABFA00AF-E443-42B7-BE2A-92EA72ABD203Here is a little blog excerpt on the questions you all gave me and my responses about my experience with botox this year! ENJOY and sorry it took me a million years to write 🙊🤣

“You don’t even need it!” was the most common response I got. There is a lot of negative hype with botox, even coming from my own husband lol. I was really nervous trying it out the first time because of all the negative hype and negative comments I received. I do believe it’s a personal choice and I was doing it to prevent deeper lines from coming in and to stop my frowns haha! (mainly the lines between my eyebrows because apparently I make that face a lot ha!) I want to be completely transparent with everything I do and try so you all know what I am using and trying! My serum is AWESOME!! And it does prevent aging and help reduce wrinkles and prevent them but NOT really deep set wrinkles. Serums, creams, etc cannot treat really deep wrinkles so if you have those coming in then botox or injections are something to look into. They relax your muscles so your face stops making those motions which with repetitive motions causes wrinkles. I liked this Newtox brand because it doesn’t totally freeze your face like some botox does. I still have movement in between my eyebrows, and my husband could not even tell I used anything (which was my goal!).

How long does it last? Everyone is different. Based on research it lasts 3-4 months. After doing it for awhile most patients start only having to do it once or twice a year because your muscles start to learn to essentially ‘be still’. My first time trying it I got 40 units dispersed evenly on just my forehead and between my eyes in January. I love the girl I used because she has you come back about 10 days later to see if she needs to add any additional units at no cost.  I went back the end of May to get an additional 20 units (a total of 4 months between) because I was starting to notice more movement again between my eyebrows at work when I squint.

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Before and after one month apart in the sunlight to show you every crease on my face, so you can see how relaxed my face became between my eyebrows!

What does it cost? Every place is probably a little different, my place charged 9 per unit and average of 25 units per time to fully relax all muscles. Of course you can always try a lower amount of units first and see how you respond to them.Side effects: dull headache started about 4 days later that lasted over a week was the only thing I noticed but of course major side effects have occurred in enough patients to have these warnings. **The most common side effects include: headache; eyelid drooping, upper respiratory tract infection, and increased white blood cell count but as serious as severe life threatening allergic reactions. ** (read full package insert before you try it to make sure it is right for you!)

Can guys get it? YES! I do not know where or when our society decided to make skin care a woman thing but that legit makes no sense. There has been a huge rise in skin cancer in men, and I think a huge part of this is that men don’t use moisturizer so therefore most men don’t even use SPF. I see my male patients with skin cancers being cut out of especially their noses almost every week! Men take care of your skin! Get botox, try my SERUM ;), wash your face, WEAR SPF!!! I don’t think anyone will be upset to see your skin glow and healthy and aging gracefully. My husband uses my serum and wears the moisturizers I recommend him now and he has better skin than me! I am okay with this fact too because he is a good looking man haha!
9F8B89EA-2A56-4905-8374-116660C8DF36How do you find someone you trust to do it? Make sure they have a medical director because then the spa is using their medical license and make sure they are a certified injector as well and you can view their certificate. Also make sure you have someone who wants to follow up with you because this is very important. My certified injector does touch ups for free  because she ensures her work is good and you are happy with it.

Botox Vs Face yoga? I love face yoga! It is especially helpful at helping me calm down during intense stressful times by doing different techniques to relax your face muscles. Acupuncture for the face is great to relax the face too. There are a lot of different youtube videos on the internet to teach you different face yoga exercises. I especially love this one:

Is it ever too late to start botox? It’s never too late but the deeper the wrinkles get and the older you get the harder it is to fill those lines.

What else did you notice from botox? I noticed that even though it gave me a headache at first, once that wore off I stopped getting as many tension headaches from work while on the computer. I also noticed my skin glowing a little more, and I don’t look as mean to my kids because I can’t do the scowl face as easy now haha! It’s especially important not to scowl now that a mask covers half our faces 😂🙈


If you are in my area and want to try out the awesome lady who does mine, her information is below:

Dora with Piel Aesthetics
(512) 912-6477

Thanks for reading and hopefully not judging me like some of the people did when I originally shared my journey! My serum is all natural and I LOVE natural products, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try other things or experience some non-natural things. Thank you all for being a part of this skin care journey with me and let me know if you have any questions!

Much love,85AA8411-D64B-4D6F-B8F9-7D6877C284D6520573E2-FC2F-4D23-B162-9C1434E150AC

Disclaimer: although I am a Doctorate of pharmacy, this is my own professional opinion not professional advice so ask your pharmacist or doctor in real life 😉

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