Owner and Developer: Adrianna with her bear cubs Rylee and Theofullsizeoutput_1496
Hi there and thank you for your interest in my product (hopefully someday products, God willing!) My name is Adrianna Rae Stevens, and I am the owner of this little company. I am a small town girl from New Mexico, living out near Austin, TX. I have two toddlers who rule the world, and I am also a pharmacist (legal drug dealer hehe). My husband works out at Ft Hood as a sports psychology consultant. I spent months of researching and trying many different vitamin c serums on the market for over a year, but found many were oxidized, ineffective on my sun spots, had WAY too many chemicals, or caused burning upon application. I created this product because I wanted a fresh, affordable, and natural skincare product I could trust and rely on for my own sensitive redheaded skin. I handmake each bottle in a local, regulated lab just for you (and me!). I hope God uses the bottle you purchase to help you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own bare skin!

With love,
Pharmacy Mommy

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