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This is us; The Even Stevens  (Marc, Adrianna, Rylee, and Theo and our giant golden doodle puppy Teddy Lasso!)

Hi there and thank you for your interest in my product (hopefully someday products, God willing!) My name is Adrianna Rae Stevens, and I am the owner of this little company.

I am a small town girl from New Mexico, living out near Austin, TX. I have two toddlers who rule the world, and I am also a pharmacist (legal drug dealer 😉) when I’m not in the lab making serum or testing out new ideas. My husband Marc works at Ft Hood as a sports’ psychology consultant.

I spent months of research and trying many different vitamin c serums on the market for over a year, but found many were oxidized, ineffective on my sun spots, had WAY too many chemicals, or caused burning upon application. I created this product because I wanted a fresh, affordable, and natural skincare product I could trust and rely on for my own sensitive redheaded skin.

I have been using my own product for over 4 years now and am completely foundation and powder free! I firmly believe in the ingredients I chose to include in my product and even used my product during one of my pregnancies and while breastfeeding because of my research on the safety of these ingredients. My little 6 and 7 year olds also loves to use mommy’s serum! In fact I have heard many young adults  and kids are using my serum to help their acne! 

I compound each bottle in a local, regulated lab just for you (and me!). I hope God uses the bottle you purchase to help you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own bare skin!

With love,
Pharmacy Mommy

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