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“Never Grow Up”: Anti-aging Must Haves


Most of you already know how crazy I am about trying to stay young. Well I’m about to share with you some of the products and things I use regularly to prevent wrinkles and further aging (if you promise not to judge me because I go a little overboard 😂👏).

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For starters, I use my vitamin c face serum twice daily and antioxidant moisturizers day and night, but let me show you some of the other products I love! Best of all, they are all on amazon because I am addicted to that prime life haha!

Satin Pillow Case, Amazon $10


I bought these satin pillow cases for my husband and I, and even he agrees they are awesome! The smoother surface allows your face to glide against the pillowcase which helps reduce the formation of lines and deep set wrinkles. It also helps with acne prone skin by allowing skin to breathe better. Bonus: it also helps keep your hair healthier because it causes less friction than cotton, which damages hair cuticles and causes frizz. 

Dry Skin Brush, Amazon $9

I was hesitant of using a dry skin brush because I’m a science skeptic nerd, but it has made my legs look younger and improved my cellulite and overall body complexion too! It made my skin crazy soft. So I wanted to share with you all so you can reap the benefits too!! Ps it REALLY hurt me at first, but by the third time I tried it I was used to it! And now I am addicted to the blood rush and tingles I get after use!

Here are 8 reasons why you should at least try dry skin brushing!

  1. Removes dead skin cells
  2. Reduces cellulite
  3. Unclogs pores
  4. Soft, healthy skin
  5. Promotes skin elasticity
  6. Improves circulation
  7. Allows skin to evenly rid itself of oils
  8. Because pharmacy mommy says so (okay jk but really try one!)

Pixnor Facial Cleanser, Amazon $16


The deep pore cleansing kit includes seven different heads—a full range of cleansing brushes and sponges, exfoliating pads and a massaging head. These different brush heads help increase blood circulation, massage cleanser into the face to remove dirt, and clean pores. It’s also safe to use in the shower. And it has over 2000 reviews which means it has to be awesome right?! 😉

Frownies, Amazon $19C5356E3E-89B3-418A-9814-5080A2E635BB

These patches are a simple method to treat and prevent deep set wrinkles on your forehead and between your eyes. It helps to train your underlying facial muscles to give them strength and tone again. These patches also dramatically improve wrinkles after only a few uses. And personally, I have a really hard time relaxing after a stressful day in the pharmacy and when I wear them they help so much with my tension headache and tightness! Plus my husband has a good laugh at me when I put them on my forehead and yell out Xena, warrior princess! 😂👏

Microneedle Derma Roller, Amazon $9287C03EA-843B-4B0A-9173-098C8E18D69F

These tiny needles exfoliate your skin and improve complexion within a few weeks. It also allows better penetration of your face products. I use mine probably about twice a week, and it increases my Touch of C face serum absorption. I would way rather go to a spa, but this is an effective cheap alternative! 

Collagen Powder, Amazon $11A187FADD-3ED6-4504-B6D9-CE08924C0FCC

This is a collagen powder you mix into water and drink daily. It has zero taste to it. The hardest part about it is remembering to drink it daily! Super Collagen provides a high potency dose of collagen protein peptides for optimum collagen replenishment in the body which is needed by our skin, hair, nails, bones, etc. It increases skin hydration and elasticity which helps prevent further aging and wrinkles. This is the powder I most commonly recommend to my patients in the pharmacy. 

Chest Silicone Wrinkle Pad, Amazon $19


If you are anything like me, you end up waking up on your side hugging the heck out of yourself. Okay, just me? 😂 But anyways I have noticed a significant amount of wrinkles coming in hot from sun damage to my chest area and to the way I end up falling asleep. These patches are seriously amazing and I wake up the next day with my wrinkles completely smoothed out! Granted I am only 31, but seriously they are so comfy and useful! I think women give their age away by their hands and their necks so I am all about treating/preventing aging in these areas. This is also another thing that cracks my husband up when I come to bed wearing. 🤣

Okay well that is all I have ladies and gents! Thanks for reading and imagining me doing all of these crazy things to prevent looking older! Let me know if you have any cool products that I should check out next!! (that are affordable)

Cheers to firmer skin,













**these are my own personal opinions and experiences and should not be considered medical advice (you have to come see me in the pharmacy for that 😄) 


“Be kind to your skin and one another”

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