Touch of C Face Serum

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.
-Song of Solomon 4:7

Little serum, BIG results.

Touch of C has a powerful anti-aging formulation for smoother, brighter, more revitalized and youthful skin. Are you ready for radiant and healthy skin?

Over 1700 bottles sold! Order one today & “C” the difference for yourself!

• 20% Stable Vitamin C

• No Parabens, Dyes, or Fragrances; Cruelty-Free

• Highly Concentrated formula using Natural and Organic Ingredients

•Powerful Antioxidant Properties of Vitamin C + E + Jojoba oil

• Freshly, Handmade Small Batches

(on the bottom of the bottle it will show when it was made!)

•Formulated for even the most sensitive skin

• Less Chemicals and No Fillers

• Formulated at a Safe pH for your Skin

•Fast absorbing, non-greasy (suitable for all skin types)

• Highest Quality Ingredients for Safety and Efficacy

• Pharmacist Developed and Compounded

• Bonus use for guys: use as aftershave to prevent shaver bumps

• USP 51 certified; Eco-friendly Preservative

Directions: Cleanse face and leave damp. Apply about 5-7 drops to face, neck, and chest area morning & night (for best results). This is a concentrated serum, so less really is more. Let the serum completely dry, then apply a SPF day moisturizer and your normal moisturizer for nighttime.

Tips for use-

**It is normal for the serum to 
feel tight at first** 
Applying a moisturizer after 
the serum will help keep 
the ingredients in by 
forming a barrier on your skin.

If you are noticing a film 
when you rub your finger on 
your face or while 
putting make up on,
you are using TOO 
much serum to be absorbed.
Try using less drops.

Exfoliate your skin once weekly
to promote the effectiveness 
of Touch of C (helps to get 
rid of dead skin cells so the 
serum can be absorbed 

The serum has oxidized once it 
turns dark brown or red, it is 
normal for it to have a yellow 
color that darkens over time 
(two of the natural preservatives
have this yellowing effect). 

Period after opening is 5 months.